Sunday, April 26, 2015

Art Journaling again

So I finally purchased an Art Journal book.  I choose the Strathmore Mixed Media book from Michaels because it was recommended by one of my favorite Mixed Media Artists, Wilna Furstenburg.  I have done many solo pages with intent to bind, but it wasn't happening....

The book was about $24 at Michaels, but I used a coupon graciously handed to me at the store.  (for some reason there wasn't any 40% off coupons posted anywhere last week?).

So I had this blank book - and well I just stared at it for a few days.  Now what? I wasn't sure where to start... Today I have 50 things to do and finally I was inspired (isnt that always my case? procrastinate life for art).

Technique is typically my starting point on my paper & hybrid pages, and I recently watched Wilna's latest video (here).  With that inspiration and some Heidi Swapp mists, I was on my way.... I decided to create a stencil using a cut file from Wilna's Art Class 1, Creative Life file.  I cut it out of Canson Watercolor paper (just like she does).  I then mixed the molding paste with gel.  I struggled here trying to keep the stencil down and spread gel, so it is pretty thick in some places, and didnt stick in others.  I think because the mists are metallic but I actually love that. I cut out some dragonfly's from the silhouette store (dragonfly bunch Design ID #11422 by Cali Arroyo) and I removed the swirlies in them.  and choose to leave them white like the text - I didn't want to add another color to the page.

The dragonfly's are a bit hard to see because they are white on white so I left the photo a tad darker so you can try to see them.

Page 1 done.  It was pretty exciting, I am looking forward to page two - (I am not happy about drying time - but I assume that is God's way of getting me to do laundry and other chores done too).