Sunday, March 22, 2015

Color Theory Homework #5 

Yesterday we competed and lost - it was sad, but not life ending....
Girls were exceptional about it - and very happy for the winning team - and that was great to see.
Afterwards we went to Mt Washington for a photo shoot & pizza - and everything in the world was good again..

Homework #5 was about achromatic colors.  I love blacks and crays so I was really excited for this one, but at the last minute I changed up my photo, so I feel like this is a little off-kilter, but I love it in spite of that.  The cut files are from Wilna Furstenburg as well.  You can see the texture from the molding paste better in the second photo.  we used cut files as a mask and a cut.  that was part of the challenge.

Second homework last week was tints & shades using glaze medium.  The glaze gives the colors a unique look, but using the color theory paints - you couldn't see them on the white paper, so I did mix in other acrylics to make this work.  It was a rough page  hated everything about it - and almost trashed it 15 times.  but in the end it turned out ok, not a fave, but ok.  I tinted and shaded the colors from left to right (originally up and down).  then added butterflies from Lemon lush kit (removed them  then added them back in - added more and then blinged a few little ones). It needed something on the left so I added the journal strips of misc quotes about jumping and soaring.  Yes we shine like a diamond, but when you cheer you jump like the diamonds do too. 
I printed the sayings on vellum so I could still see the tinting and shading on the page.  this technique I think I will do again I actually liked it.  And after it still looked like it was missing something, I hit the sewing machine for the border. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

AJ_Photo Transfer

The theme at Get Messy Art Journal is "Love".
I am not sure I am on prompt, but while traveling a few weeks ago I came across this song by Luke Bryan, Do I.  It may not be the perfect love song but the lyrics caught my attention.

I love this beach photo of Dan and I (and there aren't too many photos of me I love....).  I think it's the colors.  so for the transfer:

  1.  I reversed the image.  
  2. Printed on everyday photo paper.
  3. Using Luquitex Matt Medium, i brushed some on my project paper over the type. (some bled, so I only brushed once over the ink). I did not go real heavy wit the medium.
  4. I brushed some Matte medium on the photo, again, not thick. (I didn't cover it all, I wanted that splotchy effect).
  5. I did rub it down with a popsicle stick, for maybe 30 seconds.
  6. 30 more seconds, I carefully peeled up the photo paper (while still wet).
  7. Once dried I rubbed off with my fingers the paper that remained.  I tried doing it before it dried and pulled up the photo.  I like the messy look so I am not stressing about it  but noted for next time to be more patient.

I finished off the page using gelatos tropical colors margarita & snow cone. Heavily watered them down to continue with watered beach effect.

I attached page to kraft cardstock so I can bind it later (and flatten the wrinkles a bit).

I am really bummed we are not going to beach this year, I may be posting these tropical colors a lot to get my fix.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Get Messy Art Journal

I was thinking about tat script writing, I haave 2 classes/groups that I want to take.

  1. Studio Calico - Life scripted.  This has been on my wish list since it was released last year.  Just not in the budget yet.  Maybe after cheer season.  
  2. The next is a year-long project over at  It is her Get Messy Art Journal project.  I just signed up and cant wait to play along all year.  I hope to gain some new skills, practice some I desperately need to work on, but mostly to have a release from the stresses of work lately.  Plus it is only $25 for a lifetime membership - I 'm in.
Here is my cover page.... i cant decide what type of Journal I want to use, so I just grabbed come Canson paper I have on hand, cut it in half and I will play along on 6x9 sheets for this year.  I plan to bind them in December into a book. Going with the flow....

Started with the acrylic, stamp technique from Wilna's class... (because I love the look, and because I had extra paint  leftover from yesterday's homework).

Come play along!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Color Theory Homework #4 Cool Colors

Ok  so this technique is NOT as easy as it looks.  I will be doing LOTS more practice to understand how to paint words smoothly.  I am sitting here asking myself why? when I can digi scrap and it comes out lovely and perfect, but that's not as messy or as much fun....

Here is an older photo of Jason at grad.  Something about his smile...

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Color Theory Homework #3

This week we are working on warm & cool colors. I really look forward to class video release day - Wilna just teaches in such a way that gets me inspired to try new things.

Here is my take on the warm colors using the homework technique (no brushes).

I have scrapped this photo before - but I love it.!!
(I probably would have sewn all around, but my machine was acting up.)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Color Theory - Contrast Homework

The second class was last week - I am just now figuring out which photo I wanted to put on this acrylic media background - Love it! I really liked stamping over paint.  More fun messy stuff!

Items I used are all from the Pink Paislee Solstice kit.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Color Theory With Wilna Furstenberg

I am taking a class over at Studio Calico from Wilna Furstenberg.  It started this week, but I have been in California again working, so I am just getting a chance to watch the videos and play along today.  (I should be cleaning, doing laundry, etc.... but that will all still be there).

I love Wilna's classes and she is always so generous giving out lots of pretty silhouette cut files to use.  That alone is worth the price of the class, but listening to her sweet voice (girl crush maybe?, You really need to hear her talk, it's awesome).  But I love her style too, so to have the chance to be taught how she creates is a true opportunity for me I do not want to miss. It is self paced but enrollment ends March 13th.

First Lesson is on Primary Colors and the technique is Impasto.  Here is my homework.  Of course I would pick red and do a cheer layout - rubies - duh!

Cuts are from the class, I grabbed some bits from Pink Paisley Solstice & Snap Life documented from my Gossamer Blue February kit.

Here is a close up on the Impasto on the love cut below.

This was such a super fun project!!!