Sunday, March 22, 2015

Color Theory Homework #5 

Yesterday we competed and lost - it was sad, but not life ending....
Girls were exceptional about it - and very happy for the winning team - and that was great to see.
Afterwards we went to Mt Washington for a photo shoot & pizza - and everything in the world was good again..

Homework #5 was about achromatic colors.  I love blacks and crays so I was really excited for this one, but at the last minute I changed up my photo, so I feel like this is a little off-kilter, but I love it in spite of that.  The cut files are from Wilna Furstenburg as well.  You can see the texture from the molding paste better in the second photo.  we used cut files as a mask and a cut.  that was part of the challenge.

Second homework last week was tints & shades using glaze medium.  The glaze gives the colors a unique look, but using the color theory paints - you couldn't see them on the white paper, so I did mix in other acrylics to make this work.  It was a rough page  hated everything about it - and almost trashed it 15 times.  but in the end it turned out ok, not a fave, but ok.  I tinted and shaded the colors from left to right (originally up and down).  then added butterflies from Lemon lush kit (removed them  then added them back in - added more and then blinged a few little ones). It needed something on the left so I added the journal strips of misc quotes about jumping and soaring.  Yes we shine like a diamond, but when you cheer you jump like the diamonds do too. 
I printed the sayings on vellum so I could still see the tinting and shading on the page.  this technique I think I will do again I actually liked it.  And after it still looked like it was missing something, I hit the sewing machine for the border. 

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