Saturday, November 30, 2013

December - Winter mini kit

Remember that awesome class I took at Scrapaneers with Tracey Reed?  The designer class... well here is the winter kit that I made.  It wasn't until last night that I realize that maybe I really just want to do word-art? or just something I can use for my pocket pages...
Well the kit can be picked up by clicking here.  Enjoy - let me know what ya think.

Oh by the way, my fav part.....

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Suzy Q Scraps - Holiday Lane

Great new kit by Suzy Q Scraps for all of your Holidays layouts.  Just enough glitter... love it.
Grab it here - All Suzy Kits are on sale.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Suzy Q Scraps - MM Thanksgiving & Brand new set of Simple Story Grids!

These photos are from a few years ago, but the memory is one that I am very grateful to share.  Father-daughter dance.  I love how they got to get dressed up and spend an evening out together.  It just so happens that this lil' mini kit helped give me the perfect opportunity to showcase this moment.  I wanted to highlight them together, so the tilted photo worked perfect!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

SQS December daily & Competitive Cheer

Suzy Q Scraps has a December kit out that is great for any of your December scrapbooking projects.  However, don't let the December name limit you in uses.  These red & blue colors are great all year round.  Sammy does all star cheer - They are perfect!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Art Journaling Challenge

I took another stab at art journaling last night.  This time I stated with a challenge at The Painted Nest is the name of the challenges.  you can find them here... (you may need to register to view first)   I did it because i thought it would be a creative was to release some stress & some of the things that I want to say but may never get them out (not just an anger journal :)).

This challenge has a few elements you need to include, but you can use any kit you like.  I loved throwing everything on my canvas and then sorting it out afterwards. It is somehow freeing to throw a paint splat on the page - and then removing it if I didn't like it, or move it around and re-size it.  (can't do that in real life :), I have ruined a lot of pages playing with real paints).  I love the mess and still will play occasionally, but this is so convenient!

Anyway here is my page.  Sammy is struggling with relationships this year in school (girls growing up and they just aren't nice all the time).

(kit- Captivated Visions Dreamer; freebies - Sissy Sparrows (challenge 20); template - Angelclaud Artsyblends 1)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dream On - My shining star

Suzy Q Scraps has been sending out this kit in bits and pieces on her blog.  But if you have missed it you can grab it in her store.  It's a fun kit that can be used to scrap so many inspiring stories.  Once I read the word art journaling card, I knew it was made for Ashley.  She was born to shine!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Free November Mini-digi-kit

For the past 8+ weeks I have been taking a class at Scrapaneers.  It is by Traci Reed and it is a digital designer class.  Let me say that I have always scrapped in PSE - because it was easy for me.  This class is for PSE or PS (although most techniques are better off using PS).  I learned soooo much in these 8 weeks that I don't even open PSE anymore.  The technique tips are great and I went from a super beginner to creating a mini kit in 8 weeks.  The lessons are invaluable and once you purchase them, you can review them for life (which for me is awesome because I have already re-watched every one)  I cant even say enough about how wonderful this class was - and at the end you have a one-on-one with Traci, she really is just an absolutely amazing person!

Even though this is not the kit I created in class ( I am saving that for December) - I wanted to start using some of my things - so here is my debut mini-kit (because I am not super fast at this it takes me a while to get a kit together, this is just a min-kit) and it is free! -

I hope to create monthly mini-kits that will carry through a full year for my own pocket pages.  You will see the browns, grays and blacks through the year and similar dated journal cards and subway art journal cards.  I love paint smudges so I have a few of those in each of the next few kits and I am working on adding other elements as I have time to do them.

This kit comes with a turkey that you can build to suit your style.  There are 7 different feathers textures, and 2 bodies to choose from.

Enjoy - (click for papers)  -  (click for journal cards)    -    (click for embellishments, word-art & turkey)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

DSD! digital scrapbooking day!

Digital Scrapbooking day is like a mini holiday - (for digi scrappers anyway) but also for hybrid or paper scrappers as well.  ( I will delve in that more in a few days).  However One thing before the weekend is over that you may be interested in is this great grab bag kit - and super deal from Suzy Q Scraps.  The kit can be found here - and I have to say at $4 it's a bargain!

here is what I made with it - along with SQS simple grid templates - whipping this up was a breeze.

The page is about our crazy day we had taking Sammy all around to 3 doctor appointments in all 3 areas of the city.  We must have put on 200 miles that day traveling from Cranberry to South Hills to downtown to see the duck - then back to Dusquesne and then to Children's Hospital.  Good news - everything turned out well and tests came out well.