Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom.

Can I say that I have the best mom - then again, who doesn't?  She has her ups and downs but she has put up with me for 29-years again and again, and I cant complain.  She is that kind of mom that goes above and beyond for Christmas, because that is what she loves to do.  One that is there to help ya in however she can... and also the mom who when you tell her you work until 530 and will be over afterwards... calls at 535 to see where you are... (ok she has a few little faults), but she is my mom and I love her dearly.

I quickly made up this card for her, although we are planning a better suprise that just this card and some flowers - it is her 70th after all!  that's a biggie.

You all however will just have to like viewing the card... sorry - no cake for you. :)

the "happy" cut file is from Just Jame storyteller July kit.  the hearts are also from June's kit, but I removed the box around them and created this rounded box.  The "birthday" was cut from bebas font on vinyl.  it is just easier to place one piece of vinyl, than all of those little individual letters...

I printed the rainbow paint from Just Jaime storyteller june collection onto vellum, and taped it on the inside of the cutout - to give a stained glass effect.

Tied it up with a ribbon and done.

(I shouldn't feel guilty because it really didn't take much effort to create... should I?)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Look!!!  I am jumping with joy! Check out this post over at Just Jaimee... note the author - yep! That's me!! I have been on cloud nine since I received the email that Jaimee accepted my application to write some posts and articles for her!  I love her digital supplies and SVG files!  Her storyteller collections are jam packed each month with so much awesome goodness.  Go check her out - click photo to link to her blog!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

memory keeping for kids, and young adults.

Things have been crazy this summer, Sammy cheering, work, vacations, etc... It hasn't slowed down yet by no means... Just when I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, I was hit up with a trip to MI in August, possibly another to Indy early fall, and maybe a penguins Blue Jacket game in Columbus.  (You see our problem is that we don't think it's a big deal to just pick up and drive 4-6 hours to visit family...) so we go.  But I love it and so does my camera.

The travels don't just stop with me and the hubby, I think it all started with hockey and the traveling we did with Jason, so my kids are always off and running somewhere too - It's great - let them see this awesome world we live in!

My oldest, Ashley just came back from a vacation with her boyfriend's family from the beach. One of my struggles has always been to get them to start capturing their memories.
 How can I make it easy and fun?  Duh! Pocket pages!!

So I picked up a Snap! album binder (by Simple Stories) & a few variety packs of the pocket pages to go with it.  (it's small and not as intimidating as a 12x12, and oh so cute too...)

Ashley sent me a photo & texts every day, so I printed these photos and the messages (as screen shots). *dont forget to grab Tweets and Instagram messages as well. I added some digitally printed journal cards and some hand crafted journal cards to the mix, so she could easily document and add her photo's where she wanted them. I put everything into random pockets, and I  gave it to her when she stopped by on her way home.  It was that fast to create.

 I added a few of the divider pages, and maybe I will create some more journal cards for her stocking.

I dont have any photo's of the finished book, so bear with me... I was just more in a hurry to get it done, maybe I can get Ash to send some over and update this post later.

Jason commented I never made him a book for his hockey travels...hmmm (can you hear the gears churning?)... I have everything documented already in my PL - and they do  make these binders in black... anything is possible!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Changing some things around...

Change can be good - when it's for the better...

1. I have re-arranged some things in my craft room.  I moved some items to be more accessible and viewable, I have found that I am actually using them more.  That makes me happy. - good change.

2. I also moved most of my little elements containers & stamping items off the shelves above me and into a pantry type shelf unit next to where I keep my Project Life set up.  I can now find and add more little bits and pieces to my journal & filler cards. - this makes me happy. - good change.

3. I love The Paperclipping Roundtable Podcast.  (I have mentioned that a few times).  One show regarding die-cutting I believe Anna Moses mentioned that she binge cuts.  I have tried it and love it!  When I get my monthly Just Jaimee Storyteller collection and/or purchase a group from Kerri Bradford.  I spend a day cutting my shapes (typically word art) - in black or white - throw them all on a page - resize to my journal cards, cut them up!.  I save them all in a pocket page so I can pull them out and easily view them to add to a filler card when I want to. - Big Change for me - and I love it!!

4. Monthly my daughter and I will go out to eat just her and I (usually Panera Bread). Usually  every 15th of the month.  This month we went out for Mexican (on the 16th), and this was a change I will not keep, at least not back to this restaurant, it was a little too much authentic for our taste-buds. - Ok, so you cant win them all....(but it gave me a use for the "yuck" sticker that if I hadn't made visible, I would have missed it.) 

Have you made any good changes lately?

Monday, July 14, 2014

last week Project Life

I have been crazy busy - sadly even too crazy for some photo's last week. (very sad).  But big exciting news and things to come... stay tuned.

Journal card  is from Just Jaimee's July Storyteller Kit.  The hello sunshine wood veneer is from the Freckeled fawn July kit, and the other filler is a July Storyteller journal card with some old K&Co. wood-style chipboard letters.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th project life w/ new video tutorial!

I LOVED having an extra day to celebrate this weekend (Anytime we get a free 3-day weekend is AWESOME) - Thank you USA for this one!!  This weekend we hit 3 different bonfires... must be the theme of the holiday party season.

Few things on this page... the JULY 4th word art was a freebie from Traci Reed Designs - she can be found at the Sweet Shoppe and her blog is here....  The "love" wood veneer is part of the Freckled Fawn monthly kit. And the middle left is a screenshot of some of my daughter's tweets for the day.  I cant always be around my kids but I like to capture something from them each week.

The 4x6 filler card "USA love" is a product of Just Jaimee Storyteller May and July kits.. I created a video below that shows how I designed this in Silhouette studio.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer time

I have some free time today before the picnic world tour! Before I forget - happy Fourth of July! yay USA! I thought I would finish a few crafts, mosey around the house, check my emails, and what!?! - a new kit from Just Jaimee?!?  I can certainly play with this one before I do anything else.... and in less than an hour here are the results... I LOVE these colors - and (it's on sale at The-Lilypad).