Friday, July 18, 2014

Changing some things around...

Change can be good - when it's for the better...

1. I have re-arranged some things in my craft room.  I moved some items to be more accessible and viewable, I have found that I am actually using them more.  That makes me happy. - good change.

2. I also moved most of my little elements containers & stamping items off the shelves above me and into a pantry type shelf unit next to where I keep my Project Life set up.  I can now find and add more little bits and pieces to my journal & filler cards. - this makes me happy. - good change.

3. I love The Paperclipping Roundtable Podcast.  (I have mentioned that a few times).  One show regarding die-cutting I believe Anna Moses mentioned that she binge cuts.  I have tried it and love it!  When I get my monthly Just Jaimee Storyteller collection and/or purchase a group from Kerri Bradford.  I spend a day cutting my shapes (typically word art) - in black or white - throw them all on a page - resize to my journal cards, cut them up!.  I save them all in a pocket page so I can pull them out and easily view them to add to a filler card when I want to. - Big Change for me - and I love it!!

4. Monthly my daughter and I will go out to eat just her and I (usually Panera Bread). Usually  every 15th of the month.  This month we went out for Mexican (on the 16th), and this was a change I will not keep, at least not back to this restaurant, it was a little too much authentic for our taste-buds. - Ok, so you cant win them all....(but it gave me a use for the "yuck" sticker that if I hadn't made visible, I would have missed it.) 

Have you made any good changes lately?

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