Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wedding Story Suzy Q Scraps

Suzy has come out with what I think is an amazing concept - you have to check it out.  She has created two wedding kits (gray & brown), which are cute all in their own.  But she is offering to customize either kit in your wedding colors!  How amazing to have a totally custom kit ready to scrap your special day photos or phoot's of a friend or relative.  I think it would be AWESOME for Thank you's etc....

here are 2 sneaks of the kit - I didn't get mine colored yet, but the mono-tone colors really makes the colored photos pop!

(I created 2 pages for my in-laws 50th anniversary - let me know which you like better (I know which I like, but figured why not post them both anyway).

Friends & Family _Suzy Q Scraps

Suzy has a great kit for celebrating everything that you are thankful for.  I personally was so thankful for the great day I had with my kids & their friends.  Sam and I headed up to SRU to watch Jason play hockey - (they won by the way 12-1, I don't think the Akron team was so thankful that day :().  It was so nice to just have everyone together for just a moment in time..

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Night Nerd

It’s almost November, time for turkey, stuffing and friends & family.  I cook at my house – but we never really have a huge amount of people.  Now that my mom is in Florida for the winter, it’s just  my in-laws and immediate family.  Total 8 this year. 

Over the next two weeks I will show you how I am managing my Thanksgiving holiday with the help of  Microsoft Excel (after all this is Monday Night Nerd for a reason :))

My menu will be scaled down from past years of having over 15-18 attendees… but I will still be making the same items: Turkey, stuffing, Mashed Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes, Green beans & corn.  Dessert is pumpkin pie & Crème Brulee (oh! so yummy!).  Same menu each year – occasionally I have switched things up added or deleted but the staples are always there. (I haven’t paired everything down yet so when you look at the shopping list don’t panic J)  Also , there are 2 Green Bean recipes until I make a final decision.

I have my standard items w/ ingredients in excel already – (download here). This will be the start of my grocery list. The second tab helps me plan the cooking schedule so I can plan the timing of the food to all come out at the same time. 

This is my starting point.  I save it and use it year over year. (and my turkey cooking calculator comes with me year over year too :))

*I have my headers already filtered and sorted by grocery item so as I start checking shopping lists for prices I can just add them in.  (if you need a brush up on filters – see earlier weeks Monday Night Nerd post - here.)

Over the next 2 weeks I will be checking ads, cutting coupons (there are always baking items, Pillsbury crescent rolls, can & frozen veggies coupons in the papers this time of year).  OH! and Stay tuned.  I will be posting recipes, etc… as we get closer!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Suzy Q Scraps 2 kits to check out...

I am a little behind on some posts - It has been craaaazy!  I am finishing up a class at Scrapaneers.com (more details on that in another post).  I just learned that my company is splitting in two, my son got some crazy infection and we spent a night in the ER, all this in less than 7 days!

Spookilicious is one of my fave kits by Suzy Q Scraps, and I dug out Ashley's old homecoming pics to show it off -

My second LO (and this was done once before and  my computer crashed), It has been inside my head all week to re-make this LO using Suzy Q Scrap's You're my Everything collection.  I did the entire LO in PS not PSE, I think I am getting the hang of it!  I wanted to use masks for the large blended photo of Sydney.  It's lots of blue but I think his orange fur complements this kit so well. And really is a kit called "You're my everything just for people?  If chocolate complimented that blue - I may have scrapped that.

That's it for this week - hopefully by next Wed I can post what I have been learning over at Scrapaneers!

Friday, October 11, 2013


This is my favorite Halloween Kit by far!  Not just for Halloween - I created a great page scrapping my daughter's Homecoming dance.  I love kits that are fun, colorful, and versitile.  I am sure you will be seeing more of this one from me.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Pinspiration

What happens when you mix 3 great things together (Pinterest, Suzy Q Scraps, Scrapbooking) - you get a quick little layout to highlight just what is happening in my everyday life.  And Pinterest certainly is part of my everyday life.  Not sure what I did before Pinterest - oh yeah - I read books and magazines.... what?  what are those?  It's quite the crazy world huh?