Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cheer book 2016-2017

Sam took a year off from All Star Cheer and we focused on the high school aspect of the sport.  She was not a fan, but her body appreciated the rest.  Although the dead mats made me second guess my decision many times, she loved the team and I loved watching her perform. I am proud of her for sticking it out even though it was an odd year for freshman cheerleaders at our school, and High School Cheer is so different from All Star Cheer..

Before I start this year's cheerleading books,  I wanted to post last years book. (with a few comments of course).  First, I am still loving the 6x8 size! My Story Book by Echo Park Paper had a great green and white polkadot book that fits the Sn@p! pages as well -I have lots of options of colors and page designs  - making them both super awesome!

lets get started...

As you can see I prefer the messier style of books.  Incorporating all size and styles of pages and a TON of memorabilia!  These books can hold a lot! And if anything stick up & out - I think that is all that much cooler!!

The 6x8 page protectors are perfect for holding  banquet books, event programs, etc.... (the safety pin I believe came from Studio Calico).

Because Sam was on two teams - Freshman & Comp, I wanted to keep the teams and activities separate as much as I can through the book, so they are actually divided later, you will see.

Adding matching embellishments or colored card stock backgrounds kept the events separated, even though the small pages were side-by-side.

The photo days pics came next and here is how I separated the teams.  This is her Freshman team.  The photo was mounted on card stock and added as it own element in the middle of the book. on the flip side is the team roster (from the end of season banquet book)  Behind it (and close up below) you can see Sam's 5x7 Individual photo mounted and added into a 6x8 protector

I added multiple shots of Sam and her teammates through the next few pages.  Cheering at the football games, homecoming, etc. and incorporated some homemade handwritten titles. ("homecoming is hand-lettered and cut from my silhouette out of gold paper)

A  Basketball kit and papers from my local Michael's store were the perfect embellishments for the second half of the season... basketball.

 *sometimes when working in a smaller album you need to get creative with collages to fill more action in a single 4x6 photo.  This way I was able to capture all 4 stunt groups.

Next we are getting into the Competition Team side of the book.  The funny thing with comp is that crafty moms like to make locker decorations for each event - the bigger the event - the more decorations went on the lockers at the school.  below the "Good Luck" was her first deco, and I added this to the back of her team photo, mounted on card stock just like the Freshman team photo and placed i the book by itself.  To the right is her comp pic from photo day.  (on the back of the individual photos I always write a letter to Sam about the season, and how proud of her I am... I am not the one who will be looking at these books in 10 years - hopefully she still will and will appreciate a handwritten note from mom.)

  *It's fun to gather memorabilia from as many places I can.  the article on the right actually came from their school newspaper.

I happened to be at the school and picked one up.  Sam wasn't going to voluntarily do that for me.... You may need to do some school snooping of your own to capture some cool stuff.

*The WPIAL program behind this went into a 6x8 protector but needed trimmed a bit.  No big deal, the main info is intact.

 On the back of the program is the schedule, a candy wrapper made by another mom who gave them out on the bus because we made it to States (located in Hershey, PA).

More QR codes that link to a private facebook page of their WPIAL routines, so she can watch them anytime.  If you have never added QR codes  there are lots of great tutorials on You Tube.  Plus it adds a bit of movement and life to your books/pages.

 These next three pics just highlight a newspaper article about the girls in a local paper and their accomplishments and wishing them well at States.

The 4x6 photo with QR codes and journaling is an added flip page, where on the back I added a reduced copy size of the schedule of the event.

These next few pics are all from States in Hershey, PA.  The locker decorations were just added into the book with a hole punch.  A 6x8 page protector was filled with tickets from the competition, more decorations, schedule of events, a beverage napkin from team dinner, brochure of the Hershey museum tour the girls took, and finished with a newspaper article clipped to the front and folded under to fit in the book.
The last 4x6 page even included a personal postcard received from the School Principal.  (A small 3x4 flip page and I had room to add the QR codes of the event's routines.)

The team finished the year with a trip to Disney.  All the pages used elements from a kit from Simple Stories Sn@p! collection.  The opening pages included a good luck from Mickey postcard from Sam's coach, all of the locker decorations.  After some photos of the event, it ended with QR codes, flight details and magic train stickers and luggage tags.

It was an amazing season ending with a banquet and party.  I reduced a copy of her 1st year Letterman Award and placed it in the pocket with her banquet program..  A few last team photos (1 comp team and 1 freshman team), and yes, Sam will be doing it all again next year!

Thanks for looking!  

Saturday, December 5, 2015

2015-16 Cheer Books

Just FYI, if you want to follow along on how I am creating this year's memory keeping Cheer books -
I will be posting those pages over here.... Notes to Jeannie.

Feel free to follow along, I hoe you will get some inspiration along the way, and I am always happy to answer questions..

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 4 Weekend Recipes

It was a Pioneer Woman Recipe marathon weekend at our house.  The kids all were home, so I the house was cookin'.  literally.

Recipes we tried - are listed below with links (photos are from the Pioneer Womans'website) -

Baked Ziti: (link here).

This is a staple recipe in our house, so this wasn't new this weekend, but always a delicious stand-by when I make a pot of sauce. It's all the goodness of lasagna w/o all the fuss.  Served with a salad and garlic bread, there is plenty for my family of 6 w/ leftovers for lunch.

Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork: (link here)

I loved this recipe - Sammy thought it was too hot, so I toned it down with some honey.  But everyone else had seconds - it was THAT good.  PS I used Diet Dr Pepper, it was all I had, and I dont know what the difference would have been, but it was super yummy my way.

We just had sammichs with choice of Muenster or pepper-jack cheese.

These were served with tossed salad, and the next yummy recipe:

Spicy Pasta Salad w/ Smoked Gouda, Tomatoes, Basil. (link here)

Ok I have a spicy theme going, but the chipoltle's purchased for the pork made a second appearance in this salad - just enough flavor, mixed with the vinegar, basil, and smokeyness of the cheese - super yum!  (note: too much cheese/smoke for the older kids, but me, Dan & Sam loved it)

I made this the night before - I dont recommend it - I needed to make more "sauce" to wet pasta down the next day.  A few hours early would have been a better idea.

The finale was Nutella Krispie Treats... I still cant stop eating these! (link here)

I cant say much but everything great is in these... pure genius.

having family over, seeing the kids makes me so happy - what a great day!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Cheer Book Post 3 of 3

Today is the last few pages of the book.  This has been a 3-day journey, so if you are joining me today, make sure you scroll down further to see how this started and learn some tips on the way.

(the full album will be posted on flickr, as soon as I figure out how to do that and create link :))

Lets start today's post with a tab insert.  again I used kit papers and scraps, thin washi and paper cuts, and the "awesome" cut file is just a script text welded together is Design Studio.  The gem cut was created by Loni Harris and is sold in the Silhouette Design Store (here).  Sammy's gym focuses around gems, so I should get lots of use from this file.

This divider uses Bebas font for the FCA.  and the "love" is from a set of cut files by Tanya Batrak sold  in the Design Store here.  This gem was apart of a pack of die cuts I found in Michaels.  I love how gems are popular right now!!!

This leads me into our Atlanta Trip.  This time we did some sight seeing to Olympic Park, World of Coca-cola, & the Georgia Aquarium.  Adding  full layouts in different colors was a nce break to the overall schematic of the book, but like the multiple sizes and changes in pocket styles, I like how it turned out and yet still all fit together.

In addition to the tickets I included the Marta subway card, the luggage claim ticket and the "caution when lifting" tag from our luggage as well. (i thought it had a cute double-meaning).  You can see the QR code again for the team's routine. and the "love this ife" is another cut file from the Silhouette store.  It is made by Lori Whitlock and sold here 


The ampersand is a Just Jaimee cut file, and just another shot of extending one pic into multiple squares can really break up the busy-ness of s many pockets.

This is actually a front and back lay-out - The front photo of the city from olymoic Park & sammy at the sign, the items come from a sticker sheet from Simple Stories (I used other letters from the sheet through-out the book).  and the Georgia Aquarium, are all products from my stash - older than Sammy probably.

Below the "Incredible" is from Wilna Furstenburg's Art + Design class, remaining elements are from that pack of die cuts from Michael's combined with Theresa Collins "Hello my name is" kit.

The Awesome tag is made from a Just Jaimee storyteller cut file backed with some polka-dotted paper. I was saving that for a Disney post, but unfortunately we did not make it to the Summit this year.


This is one of my favorite pages - again, girls love their photo shoots.  It was actually outside after a comp, the filmstrip is a cut file that I just sized photos underneath.  It's a Simple Stories filmstrip cut, that I added one more photo to by cropping & welding in design studio.  The file is sold here: 

The rest of the kit papers and cards are from a Gossamer Blue kit and I apologize I do not know what papers.

Just using up some of the same cuts I made in multiple colors on the back of the previous layout.  I didnt want to jump colors and different comps - so I just decorated a typed paper with some Tm Holtz distress inks and cut letters.  The Awesome is also from Wilna Furstenburg's Art + Design class.  Besides these great freebie files, I learned so much in her classes - kinda a side note, but she is an amazing teacher.
 This last tag used a die cut from Michael's - why not turn that point into a number one? (i am so genius!)  the heart arrow cut is from Lori Whitlock, Camera and arrow set (here)
And the last divider was just created with alphas and a stroke or outline.  The only photo I left in there is the cute one from twitter the girls took for breast cancer at practice.

I left plenty of empty pockets for my daughter to print selfies with friends, etc... She is not shy to the printer or the journal cards.  My job was to capture the year, and this way she can add her own memories as well.

I love this book.  The girls love this book, but mostly Sammy looks through it over and over again.

I am making books again this year (I say books b/c Sammy is on two teams this season)

Things I have learned and will do this year:

1. Create or find a kit I will use for the entire year.
2. Do another Bulk cutting day, so I have all cut files ready as I need them.
3. Change books, I chose the Simple Stories Sn@p! albums for this year.  The sizes are more uniform to typical pocket card sizes, and I have an Orange book for new gem, and Black for Onyx.

I hope I shared a few good ideas for you, so many of us live through a season of sports traveling, etc... Pocket pages are great for capturing all of the memories.

**I am not affiliated in any way with any of the designers, I found cuts that I liked that represented cheering and the kits that matched the colors I needed.