Sunday, July 20, 2014

memory keeping for kids, and young adults.

Things have been crazy this summer, Sammy cheering, work, vacations, etc... It hasn't slowed down yet by no means... Just when I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, I was hit up with a trip to MI in August, possibly another to Indy early fall, and maybe a penguins Blue Jacket game in Columbus.  (You see our problem is that we don't think it's a big deal to just pick up and drive 4-6 hours to visit family...) so we go.  But I love it and so does my camera.

The travels don't just stop with me and the hubby, I think it all started with hockey and the traveling we did with Jason, so my kids are always off and running somewhere too - It's great - let them see this awesome world we live in!

My oldest, Ashley just came back from a vacation with her boyfriend's family from the beach. One of my struggles has always been to get them to start capturing their memories.
 How can I make it easy and fun?  Duh! Pocket pages!!

So I picked up a Snap! album binder (by Simple Stories) & a few variety packs of the pocket pages to go with it.  (it's small and not as intimidating as a 12x12, and oh so cute too...)

Ashley sent me a photo & texts every day, so I printed these photos and the messages (as screen shots). *dont forget to grab Tweets and Instagram messages as well. I added some digitally printed journal cards and some hand crafted journal cards to the mix, so she could easily document and add her photo's where she wanted them. I put everything into random pockets, and I  gave it to her when she stopped by on her way home.  It was that fast to create.

 I added a few of the divider pages, and maybe I will create some more journal cards for her stocking.

I dont have any photo's of the finished book, so bear with me... I was just more in a hurry to get it done, maybe I can get Ash to send some over and update this post later.

Jason commented I never made him a book for his hockey travels...hmmm (can you hear the gears churning?)... I have everything documented already in my PL - and they do  make these binders in black... anything is possible!!

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