Saturday, November 2, 2013

DSD! digital scrapbooking day!

Digital Scrapbooking day is like a mini holiday - (for digi scrappers anyway) but also for hybrid or paper scrappers as well.  ( I will delve in that more in a few days).  However One thing before the weekend is over that you may be interested in is this great grab bag kit - and super deal from Suzy Q Scraps.  The kit can be found here - and I have to say at $4 it's a bargain!

here is what I made with it - along with SQS simple grid templates - whipping this up was a breeze.

The page is about our crazy day we had taking Sammy all around to 3 doctor appointments in all 3 areas of the city.  We must have put on 200 miles that day traveling from Cranberry to South Hills to downtown to see the duck - then back to Dusquesne and then to Children's Hospital.  Good news - everything turned out well and tests came out well.  

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