Saturday, November 16, 2013

Art Journaling Challenge

I took another stab at art journaling last night.  This time I stated with a challenge at The Painted Nest is the name of the challenges.  you can find them here... (you may need to register to view first)   I did it because i thought it would be a creative was to release some stress & some of the things that I want to say but may never get them out (not just an anger journal :)).

This challenge has a few elements you need to include, but you can use any kit you like.  I loved throwing everything on my canvas and then sorting it out afterwards. It is somehow freeing to throw a paint splat on the page - and then removing it if I didn't like it, or move it around and re-size it.  (can't do that in real life :), I have ruined a lot of pages playing with real paints).  I love the mess and still will play occasionally, but this is so convenient!

Anyway here is my page.  Sammy is struggling with relationships this year in school (girls growing up and they just aren't nice all the time).

(kit- Captivated Visions Dreamer; freebies - Sissy Sparrows (challenge 20); template - Angelclaud Artsyblends 1)

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