Friday, March 20, 2015

AJ_Photo Transfer

The theme at Get Messy Art Journal is "Love".
I am not sure I am on prompt, but while traveling a few weeks ago I came across this song by Luke Bryan, Do I.  It may not be the perfect love song but the lyrics caught my attention.

I love this beach photo of Dan and I (and there aren't too many photos of me I love....).  I think it's the colors.  so for the transfer:

  1.  I reversed the image.  
  2. Printed on everyday photo paper.
  3. Using Luquitex Matt Medium, i brushed some on my project paper over the type. (some bled, so I only brushed once over the ink). I did not go real heavy wit the medium.
  4. I brushed some Matte medium on the photo, again, not thick. (I didn't cover it all, I wanted that splotchy effect).
  5. I did rub it down with a popsicle stick, for maybe 30 seconds.
  6. 30 more seconds, I carefully peeled up the photo paper (while still wet).
  7. Once dried I rubbed off with my fingers the paper that remained.  I tried doing it before it dried and pulled up the photo.  I like the messy look so I am not stressing about it  but noted for next time to be more patient.

I finished off the page using gelatos tropical colors margarita & snow cone. Heavily watered them down to continue with watered beach effect.

I attached page to kraft cardstock so I can bind it later (and flatten the wrinkles a bit).

I am really bummed we are not going to beach this year, I may be posting these tropical colors a lot to get my fix.

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