Thursday, November 4, 2010


Back-to-Back blogs - I must be doing something right?  Nah - It's just the holidays - and time to get some things started....
Last night I had the chance to work on my Noel letters I picked up for 99cents each at Hobby Lobby in AR.  (I imported them, I guess you can say).  I added paper from HL as well, made by The Paper Studio - love them and I can not get them anywhere in PA.  Spritzed with some Ranger mists and a stamp here and there - added ribbon and some Christmas stuff I literally found in a box from probly a good 10 years ago. (future hoarders anonymous).
I was going to attach the picture - but I think I will wait until it is up above my curio with all my christmas greens and beads. (so you can get the full effect).  Until then.....

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