Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project Life

So I am getting a late start on this one - but I am hoping it will be easy to catch up - only Feb right? 
I was atually inspired by my good friend Karen - she scraps the year all at once, and I could never remember to keep stuff that long - so I am thinking once a week or few times a month to catch some of the bigger milestones??? 

If you are not familiar PL was created by Becky Higgins - she packs everything you need in a kit and what is great is that each page is divided - you can just slip in the photo and or add a journal card, etc... totally customizable but simple... everything color coordinates - I got the turquoise version.  I willlet you know how simple it is -
should be here next week - yay!!
Project Life - Turquoise Edition

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