Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello Again - "You 52"

Hello out there!
Hard to believe it has taken me this long to get my laptop fixed and everything back up and running - so much has happened!
 I also owe a huge apology to Charity at Adams Acres - I sorta went MIA when I  lost my laptop - no way to cut SVG's and no photoshop to adjust and send - It was a a very dark few months.  Since I lost so many digital  & svg files, pictures, etc... when my laptop crashed, I am taking things much slower this time and refreshing and organizing, OH! - and backing up as I go. :)

So in my quest for organizing and getting back on track of all the things I have missed - I realized I enjoy my blog - and have learned so much in the past few months - that I want to incorporate some of that into my "New 52" annual projet.  What is this?  well, with Jan 1st comming around there are projects galore out there - some I have tried in the past and never finished, and others that just, well, scare me... I dont want to feel obligated to scrap, I just want to scrap, on  my terms.  I also realize that I am more of a hybrid scrappr - I use what is convenient for me at the time - I love paper - cutting, stamping, punching, etc... but sometimes the speed of digi is so convenient - so I am tired of beating myself up - I am not committing to one or the other, and I will do what I want to do - when I want to do it - right?  there are no rules in scrapping - why do I get so stressed?  (ok - off soapbox).

My plan of "You 52" is a layout or 2 a week - I am getting a 8.5x11 book (binder type) where I can insert digi or paper pages whatever suits my whim - I will send out my weekly prompt, some journaling and picture taking ideas, some paper or digi finds, and share some sights and ideas I have along the way.  I have lots of ideas brewing - so if you care to "free-whilly-nilly" it with me in 2012 - please come and share your "care-free scrapping" pages and plans along with me.

See ya in January!

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