Monday, June 30, 2014

PL last week

So I didn't feel like I was very busy last week, but when I looked through my photos, and was trying to decide what to use for my 1 page PL spread, I actually had to narrow it down to just the bigger stories.  This was my fault - I feel like 2 pages are too much and 1 page sometimes just  isn't quite enough.. I have some 6x12 pages in my cart at Amazon, I think this could be my solution... time will tell.

This week I played with my Freckled fawn kit of the month.  I love the letters, and I learned that by using velum tape - there is no glue spot. (yay).  The journal card is from June Just Jaimee's Storyteller kit. I have already started a doozie of a project with her July Storyteller kit - it is pretty cool - perfect for summer scrapping!

It was my birthday, and I found an old photo of my with my grandfather when I was probly only 1.  He passed away a few years ago, and this brought back so many fond memories.  I scanned a bunch of photo's Friday night (exciting huh?).  A box from my dad of photo's from his childhood and ours.  I learned so much about my grandparents that I never knew.  And my dad too - who knew he played football?  and the uniforms back in the 50's (well, lets just say that technology has certainly improved the safety in children's competitive sports).

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