Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mazel Tov card w/ Instructions

My daughter was invited to her first Bar Mitzvah.  It may actually be the only one she is invited to as we are not Jewish.  Remember she is twelve and was not as excited for the 2-hour ceremony as maybe I would be...

I was just as excited though to make this card! And those who have received cards from me in the past (weddings, birthdays, etc...) know that I love to incorporate the invitation somehow in the card that I make. They take time to choose that invitation, it is special to them, and I have received many compliments by doing this.  This time it was a no brainer, the mom  used this awesome shimmery paper with blues and cream stripes.  the one side was the message and this invite had a double side (how cool is that?) so I had 7x4 space of the best pattern paper cardstock.

First and foremost I am a fan of the 9x4 card & envelope I purchased from the Silhouette store created by Jamie Cripps.  Best $1.98 every spent.  I purchased the "You Did It" and used them for all my graduation cards (tip - cut them in their school colors!)  she has other ones for many different occasions.  I use the base elements and envelopes all the time!

In silhouette I grabbed the card's background piece and re-sized my letters to fit inside the background (1. using the text tool - spelled out Mazel Tov, 2. changed the font to Ahroni,3. un-grouped the letters, 4 then moved them sizing and spacing them on my card as I liked them).

Once complete I made a outline of the 4x7 invite that I was using the background paper and rearranged my letters (dont resize them!) one by one inside that square so I could get them all cut out of the invite.  
Maybe this screen shot will explain better...

For the Star of David I created it this way...1. create a square, 2. use knife tool to cut it in half on the diagonal, 3. resize one of the triangles to get even angles, and you can delete the other, 4. do an inside offset with the square vs rounded edges (I think I used a .2 size it was a bit thin, I would suggest going thicker), 5. group them and make a compound path, 6. duplicate that triangle, and flip the new one, 7. now center them and space them so the 6 points are equally spaced in the middle of the opposite's triangle long lines, 8. weld, 9. resize to fit the space in your card.  (I cut 4 pieces and glued them on top of each other to create more depth to the card and the star).

One thing I would change is how I glued the ribbon, I can see the glue. Definately use tape.  I know better and just pulled a rookie mistake.

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  1. This is really awesome Dawn! I love that you changed up the card and continue to use it for so many different occasions!