Sunday, December 5, 2010

Check these out...

I have to send out the following links to some of my newest fav things this year -
I have been loyally following the 3 blogs - please check them out -

Tim Holtz - 12 Tags of Christmas:  
Ok - so we know I love him, and all he does uis soo cool - but the techniques I have learned in just 4 days are amazing -
It is so worth signing up for and his tags are nothing short of amazing!

Paperclipping Photographing the Holidays... Noell & Izzy -  I am a Paperclipping member so not sure if you need to be for this one, but I have learned soo much about using my camera in just 3 classes!  I did  buy my membership during a promotion - not sure if any are going on now - but soo worth checking out.

Decenber Daily - Ali Edwards - I am doing mine hybrid - doing daily pages digital and then I will bind them in a book when done.  If you hit her site and search December Daily - you will get amazing ideas from years past as well.

That is what I am up to on top of my daily life.  Just got back from Phoeniz, we brought Pap home for good.  He looks amazing.

I still have dishes from Rurkey day that need scrubbing then I want to work on some new cool banners using some of my fav new Tim Holtz techniques.

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