Sunday, April 6, 2014


I am pretty proud of the project life/pocket pages i have been doing this year.  I am using an old PL binder and my pages that I have from Becky Higgens when I planned o doing this years ago.  I have added a few we r memory keepers pages too, (just to keep it mixed up).  Mostly I use PL style A - but I got crazy last week - and this week is the flip side...

Anyway - in an attempt to keep my pages somewhat organized through the randomness of the week, I have a few things I like to do weekly:

  1. I add borders to all photos.
  2. I like to keep at least 1 element/photo per side or per week in black and white (i feel like it ground your busy eyes)
  3. I want something physical in each week.  (a note, a receipt, I used a tea bag one week -this week I used a silhouette cut).
  4. I try to include something relevent from the news.
  5. I do a lot digital, and I use Just Jaimee kits monthly.  If you are a subscriber to her newsletter you can get a full kit for 6.99 or less and it is PACKED with stuff I use for PL and regular 12x12 pages.  Check April kit out here

The Home Run card was to celebrate the walk-off opening Day Homer that Neil Walker hit at PNC park.  Feel free to grab the silhouette file here. (If you use it on a page - please link up - I would love to see that it was useful to someone)
here is a close up... The file includes the Home run and the batter - the ball is just an old sticker I had.

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