Sunday, March 9, 2014

Can you see the Lightbulb?

true story: I have been listening to The DigiShow (The Daily Digi podcasts) for years, since they were part of the Paperclipping Roundtable, yeah... way back then! I was listening when Steph announced that her lightbulb went off and she switched to manual (after a class in Vegas with katrina Kennedy).  I believe Katie had the same experience after taking Katrina's Capture Your Life Through The Lens class.  (Sorry Peppermint, I cant recall when you switched to manual :().

I have the camera I bought 3 years ago to make me a better photographer. I would have a few good shots, but I wasn't satisfied yet. Maybe I need a cannon or Nikon vs. my Sony?  What is wrong?  Then Katrina announced she was retiring the Capture Your Life Through The Lens class  NOOOOOO!  I need that class! What is she thinking??

I think enough of the public griped (so I am not alone - whew!)  The class has started and yes I a enrolled and learning a lot, but it was actually Kelly Buss' hour of the Capture Your 365 Birthday party (yesterday) that did it.  Somewhere in the 7pm EST hour (8 hours into the 12 hour class/educational/fun/learning marathon) I got it!  I switched to manual, played with the buttons - and I GOT IT!!  It's a great feeling of confidence to learn something new. (I hope my kids can forgive me for missing their cheer competition and my son's hockey game so that I could stay home and learn).

Just FYI - Katrina's class Capture Your Life Through The Lens has just started we are only in the 2nd week and I think people are still enrolling - If you have ever guessed or wondered what you need to know to flip that dial to M - come check out the class - Hurry - I think there is a webinar coming up in the next week - you will not want to miss your lightbulb moment! (tell her dawn sent ya)

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