Sunday, March 23, 2014

Easter Thoughts

With Easter fast approaching this year, and the older two away from home, I have been spending more time looking to holidays past, and watching them grow up.  We have a few traditions at our house. 1. The scavenger hunt (this started when Ashley and Jason were babies).  They get an egg, and that leads to another egg, and another, until they find their basket.  We have modified this over the years.  As they stayred with simple photo's like a "chair" or a "couch" to get their next clue.  We now have scrambled blank spaces with 1 letter or a hint to find the location and color of their egg).  It takes a little time to prep in the am, but all is fun, and they actually were angry the one year I overslept. Another tradition is heading to my mom's for her egg hunt.  They fill hundreds of eggs with change, bills, and gift's.  The kids head out youngest first to the yard to gather them until they are all picked up. They have fun (but way too competitive).

The kit is from Suzy Q Scraps - Taste of Easter - with the Journal card from taste of Spring.  You can grab the bundle here 3 kits included for all of your Springy layouts!   

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