Friday, September 5, 2014

BYOC at The-Lilypad - finally back to scrapping!

Ever just not in the mood to scrap? Or just too overwhelmed that nothing you do looks right?  I am there, and feel your pain.  I have to come up with a craft idea, I am behind in PL, and I want to stay on top of the M3 challenges, but when I start to scrap...everything goes blank.  Nothing is inspiring to me.... So how do I get over this?

Dive right in I guess... luckily I have my notebooks that keep me current with PL - so I hope to post a few pages of my catch up (again) this Sunday.  M3 has another challenge - I am half way done with and I will get that posted by tomorrow.  I just need to make myself do it and creating deadlines are a huge help, self-induced or from somewhere else, deadlines will keep me honest.  I always was a better crammer in school, waiting to the last minute to study...bad habits are hard to break.

And The Lilypad has their BYOC sale this weekend -  where you can get amazing deals on all designers items of a specific color scheme - and you pick and choose what you like - knowing they will all match and look great together.  Here is what I created using Just Jaimee's Sugar Cookie kit (and the red ric rac and stitches are from Domesticated Life in Pockets Collab). I grabbed the design inspiration from Pagemaps September Template ideas.

Who doesn't like a scrapbook page about their favorite cookie?  Especially as I am still watching my carbs, and haven't had one of these cookies for almost a year...oh  sweeeet memories :)

Other things on my list of scrappy things to do is finish my St Thomas pages from April, (before we go again id Dec.).

What's on your scrappy list? and what keeps you motivated?

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