Friday, September 20, 2013

Kerri Bradford Studio

Of course I am a huge fan of Kerri and her classes, designs, etc... but today her blog post is ectra special... because my card was posted in it!  I thought I mentioned how this was made, but guess I never got to it.
Well, Kerri's blog can be found here - and yep - that's my card -
How totally exciting!  The card was a quick show off of how simple techniques can add elegance to a card.  I used Kerri's "just because" from her Designer Edition Class,  first I used the silhouette to print a gradient (also taught in a KBS class) and then cut my card.   I added an external offset to the "just because" and used the silver metallic pen tool to draw the outside offset around the letters.  I had to adjust a few points of the text to allow the machine to cut it w/o losing the inside of the letter (see the "b" and the loop in the j").  I cut that out - wrapped a simple ribbon around the top - all done!

I totally recommend Kerri's classes - she is amazing!!

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