Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Night Nerd - Saving Photos

I wanted to post this earlier since I missed last week’s post while I was traveling.
My mom is a great inspiration for me to start these posts – she always has questions regarding her computer and hopefully maybe this will help someone else too?  Or be a reference place for my mom J.
This weekend,  my mom had a question about opening and saving photos she receives in emails.  Everyone seems to send files differently.  If they are sent as an attachment this is pretty simple – click on the attachment (the file opens) and you can save it wherever you put your photos.
When they are imbedded in the email (in the body of the email vs an attachment) you can easily save the picture by
Single Right click on the photo (it brings up the menu below)
Single right click on “Save as Picture” –
This will automatically open up your documents and allow you to save the picture file somewhere on your computer.  Just name it and choose your folder. And click Save.

So all of this is good information – but what do you do with the picture next?  How do you view it?  what if you only want to keep the orange kitty and not the gray one? 
If you do not have any photo editing or viewing software, I personally think that Microsoft Power Point is the easiest to navigate to make changes to a photo, It is pretty powerful, and comes on most computers where Microsoft office is installed.
It can do some cool stuff:
First Open Power Point and let’s change the page setup to a blank page.  When you open Publisher to a new slide opens with a spot to add a title and a spot for a subtitle.  You can click on them and delete them – or you can change the page layout: (using the ribbon – or under the home tab, single left click on “Layout” and choose “Blank”

To insert your picture:
Go to the INSERT tab, click on picture and locate the folder and place where you saved your photo and open it.
You can select your photo and do make it bigger, smaller, by dragging the corners of the photo (you will see circles and squares around the pictures when it is selected.   I suggest always re-sizing from the corners so you can keep the photo in proportion.  Play with the cropping, color changing, etc… you can not do any damage to your photo because it is saved in your folders and the CTRL+Z button can un-do anything you change.  (yes – that is a great button!)  when you are all done you can save your photo in the technique taught above (right click and save-as-a photo) – only change the name and you will have both copies saved.
Hope this helps a little –
Email me if you have any problems or questions:

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