Monday, January 13, 2014

MOC Challenge day 10 (word of the year)

2 great things happened for me on this page...1. I finally got it done (running behind), and 2. I learned a new technique from one of the girls on Suzy's awesome team.  So thank you Carrie, I hope you do not mind me sharing!
The kit I used for this is OLB candid - I used this kit on day 1of the challenge,  also (scroll down to see).  It's currently 20% off and a very versitile kit.... love the little cameras.  The grunge edge is from Karen Lewis, and the Veneer Buttons are from Gina Cabrera.

(Adobe photoshop CC) First, make your custom shape. I chose Adobe's default arrow. To do this, I clicked on the custom shape tool, then from the top I selected my shape and drew it on the canvas.  Clip the paper of your choosing to the shape. 

- Next, create a seperate layer for your text (I used Cargogate font). Resize & move the text to where you want it on your shape.  Next, select the do this I left clicked on the image (to the left of the text) in the Layers palette to bring up a sub menu, then click Select Pixels to get the outline of the element (you want the marching ants around the element). Once you have them, hide the element layer (click on the eye for that layer).

- Go back to your shape....specifically the layer with the shape you made (not the paper you clipped to it). Highlight that block's layer, then from the Layers menu (up top), select Layer Mask, then Hide Selection.  There ya have it.

I love my word - It still pops up for me daily...probly because I have a lot to focus on!

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