Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MOC Imperfect poto

I realize that my pets are great photo ops for me.  One of the prompts for the Capture Your 365 by Katrina Kennedy is to photograph where you stand. I was hoping to ssave this prompt for my scale photo on the last day of the month (and I still may)... but when Syd starting purring up against my feet this am, I needed to grab my camera and shoot... the problem is that he doesn't stay still for a photo, I am not all that steady at 0700, and Gino wanted in on the action.  All that brings me to this challenge of taking an imperfect photo.  After cropping and changing it to b/w to hide some of the blur my final LO is below (and the original photo is underneath it).  Kit is candid by One Little Bird.

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